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5 quick tips for traveling 'Nica smart'

January 13, 2016


Nicaragua is the safest country in the region, however, the following simple recommendations (which are built into the DNA of Nicaraguans) are important to avoid any incidents when traveling.  Have a safe & pleasant trip!


1. Valuables:  Avoid carrying any unnecessary valuable objects with you; you will attract more attention than you need to.  Cameras, smartphones & other electronics are sometimes necessary, so just be aware of your surroundings when you decide to wave it out and certainly don’t leave these items unattended!


2. Taxicabs: In Nicaragua, public taxis are selective and they have fixed official rates for the daytime and the nighttime.  Ask at your hotel/hostel for the rates in the city that you’re traveling in!  When you hail a taxi, arrange the price before you jump in.


3. Your mother was right! Some things do apply in every country! A stranger who seems extremely nice deserves a healthy level of distrust to start with.


4. Be aware!:  Avoid losing track of your personal belongings such as bags, purses, cameras, backpacks and suitcases.  Always place your belongings where you can see them.


5. Sometimes cheap is expensive:  If you wish to hire any service, always choose guides, restaurants, hotels, hostels and tour agencies that are officially registered and authorized by the government.  You can recognize these by looking for their displayed governmental licenses or tour guide ID.  You might pay a bit more, but it will be worth every penny.






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