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5 things to consider when in Nicaragua.

October 15, 2017


 Enjoy your trip...tread lightly!


1.  Look around you.  Dress Appropriately.  Unless you are at the beach, wear a shirt and shoes or sandals. Nicaragua is hot, but also a fairly conservative country.  Most Nicaraguans would never walk around without a shirt on -no matter HOW hot is.  Not wearing a shirt is disrespectful to the local culture and if you are barefoot you will very likely get at least one disease.  


2. Tread Lightly.  Remember that as a traveller you are an ambassador for your country.  Be on your best behavior and leave a good impression.  A traveller who observes respectfully is a loved and appreciated one. 


3. Bargaining is common in markets and with street vendors.  Don't walk into a formal business and try to bargain -a Nicaraguan would consider this extremely embarrassing (and so should you). When bargaining with street vendors, be fair - the prices are usually really good anyway, and these vendors have a hard time making any money at all.


4. Keep your cool just like a real Nica does. Things in the tropics are done at a leisurely pace. If you’re not getting a service at the fast rate that you’re used to in your city, relax, and do consider that the people who are serving you grew up in a very different world. 


5. Have a heart but use your brain.  It’s good that you feel compassion for the unfortunate kid on the street who just wants a dollar for a bite to eat. But think twice before giving a handout.  The only thing you’ll be feeding is the vicious cycle of poverty and dependence.  If you really want to help, look for one of the many outreach programs that are established and making headway in the community.  A donation to them will have a true positive impact.






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