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About the Nacatamal: a deeply rooted Nicaraguan dish.

July 6, 2017



"Nacatamal, from the Nahuatl nacatl, meat; and tamalli, tamale is a type of traditional tamale common accross several Latin American countries.  The Nicaraguan Nacatamal is made with corn dough and stuffed with pork or chicken, wrapped in plantain leaves and steam-cooked.  


The dough of the Nacatamal also contains bitter orange, onions, bell pepper, mint, chili pepper, garlic, rice and potatoes, among other ingredients. On special holidays such as New Years Eve, Nacatamales also contain 'special' ingredients such as prunes, raisins, olives and capers.  It is customary to accompany this delicious dish with coffee and bread, some locals also like to add a tomato and onion salad on top or sprinkle it with lemon juice.


The nacatamal originates from our indigenous culture, during the Pre-Columbian era, it was prepared with deer, turkey, iguana, annatto and tomatoes, and was wrapped in corn leaves.  With the arrival of the Spanish and during the colonial time, the meat used in making this dish changed to the current pork and chicken, plantain leaves substituted the original corn leaves and other ingredients were added.   


The Nacatamal is a main breakfast or dinner dish deeply rooted in the eating habits of the Nicaraguan population, which is attributable to its excellent flavor." (Text excerpts from Julieta Arróliga)


                 When you visit Garden Cafe, you must try this Nicaraguan burst of flavor!






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Nicaraguan entrepreneur



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About the Nacatamal: a deeply rooted Nicaraguan dish.

July 6, 2017

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