5 Morning Musts in Granada

December 28, 2019

We believe mornings are the best time to enjoy Granada, so on this post we would like to share 5 of our favorite things to do on a regular basis.  We hope you can also enjoy the less obvious activities while you're in this beautiful city. Rise and shine!



1. Wake up early and take a walk around the city. 5:45 AM is ideal because there is beautiful morning light, it’s cool, quieter and best of all the streets are quite empty which allows for amazing photos.  Instagram, anyone?


2. Head down Calzada Street and walk all the way to the lakeside.  Enjoy the view.  Lake Cocibolca is one of the largest lakes in the world. So large that when Spanish conquistadors came they named it La Mar Dulce.  The Sweet Sea.



3. Around 6:30AM coconut water vendors start arriving.  Our favorite is the cart on the left hand side once you enter the gate taking you into the rest of the lakeside.  For less than a dollar you’ll enjoy a fresh coconut.  Ask for it without a straw and drink straight from the coconut, you will taste more of its flavor, feel the texture and you won’t contribute to more unnecessary plastic consumption. Once you’ve drank the coconut water we recommend you ask the vendor to break it open for you so you can eat the flesh. Yum!


4. Walk back to the city center, stop at Iglesia Guadalupe, great photo opportunity!


5. Continue walking on Calzada, look up and enjoy the cathedral view from far away as you make your way up back to the central square.  Find your way to The Garden Café, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee while you witness our lush garden wake up with the beautiful morning light.











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