sustainability matters

we want to see change in the world. 

so we start by changing ourselves.

Our Team

We provide benefits which support the well-being, happiness & development of our 30 team members.

  • We hire & develop local talent.

  • We build a positive & empowered working environment.

  • Provide a 40% restaurant discount to all team members.

  • All our team members receive free membership at Pure Fitness Gym.

  • We give access to training & education opportunities.

  • All our team members have access to 0% interest loans.

  • All team members receive 1 month paid vacation every year.

  • All team members get health insurance.

  • All women team members get 3 months of paid maternity leave after pregnancy.

  • We encourage diversity and openly speak about it with our team.

Our Environment

We constantly challenge ourselves to reduce our environmental impact and currently take the following actions:

  • We launched & implement the Granada 'skip the straw' campaign.

  • Use eco food containers.

  • Use only paper bags for to-go food & souvenirs.

  • Use cloth bags or boxes for our own shopping.

  • We buy locally & from the most socially and environmentally responsible suppliers.

  • We collect our organic waste & give it to local people who raise pigs.

  • We collect cans & donate them to local recyclers.

  • We provide filtered water for all customers who opt out of plastic bottles.

  • Use energy efficient equipment.

Our Community

We concentrate our efforts into education opportunities for girls.


Since 2015 this program is focused on the empowerment of young girls in Granada, Nicaragua. 


The program invests in girls who are talented and have leadership potential but lack access to resources and role models in their communities. Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire Nicaraguan girls.

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Calle Libertad Granada, Nicaragua

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